We aspire to create a piece that seamlessly integrates into daily lifeas an artwork. Dialogue, its form, a reflective aluminum sculpture, transcends mere function, serving as both a mirror and a sculptural interior piece. Its abstract, evocative design, with its subtle reflections of space and its embrace of the human and material environment, imbues the surroundings with a living narrative, turning the space into a true, life-enhancing artwork that mirrors and enriches reality. Mirrors are often thin, almost negligible entities compared to their subjects they reflect. We aim to create an "other subject" that can converse, a living subject in its own right, engaging in a dialogue.

    Incepted by the essence of a raw stone's cutting process, Dialoguereveres and preserves its raw texture, imbuing it with the patina of time. Each irregular, seemingly casual cut, captures the essence of nature's form and translates its power into a geometric and abstract dance. By eschewing elaborate ornamentation, Nova employs stark, raw lines to outline the unadorned contours of the natural world, allowing art to refine and reconstruct within the rigorous confines of craftsmanship.



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