Together with the Longquan government, the team of Tadao Ando invited 10 estheticians from architecture, literature and art. As the only product designer invited, we select its core and precious part as the material for the design, which is its unique thick glaze -- a technique that is distinctive to porcelain all over the world and made it a quite modern ware look. The whole series applies the very simple and accessible geometry to construct a set of sculptural living objects. On this basis, simple modern lines are used to decorate the facades. Beneath the thick glaze covering, we can feel its outline ups and downs and meanwhile, it looks glossy and jade-like. We hope that this set of ware can be used in daily life scenes and more people will gradually become interested in Longquan celadon and even culture, through the process of letting people own and use it, which is exactly the value we hope to convey through design.

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